To avoid accidental update real nand

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    Feb 6, 2013
    My gateway is on the way and i´m reading about this problem.

    My idea is to create a different user profile to emunand, it could make more safe to identify what nand you are in. You can look the profile name to make sure if you are in the emunand before update.

    But the question is. My idea work?
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    Murphy's Law: if it can go wrong, it will happen.

    Best way to safeguard against it is to add the hardware mod for dumping and restoring the NAND. This will let you make this mistake without risk on your part by allowing you to restore the 4.X firmware to a 3DS XL that was mistakenly updated.

    3DS XL mod topic:
    A more recent and condensed version of the same topic:

    You make a NAND dump of your 4.X firmware (via the hardware method, to make sure it is soldered correctly and dump is correct size and is the same after several dumps), then save it somewhere safe.


    As for you idea it is only prudence on any user's ability to tell the difference between which mode they are in. It still doesn't remove the "permanent fail" situation.
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    I made a folder in each and labeled one realnand and one emunand and put it on the 1st page of icons next to the cart icon and settings icon.
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    I have a theory that the parental controls are seperate on SysNAND and EmuNAND... if so, you could just set the SysNAND and EmuNAND to block everything BUT have a seperate PIN for each (I would write them down). When you try to update, it should ask you to insert the pin. If you put the wrong PIN in, it just won't let you download the update. I can't test this myself since I am not making an EmuNAND until a more stable release comes out. If someone could test if the parental controls are seperate or not, that would be helpful.

    Of course this is totally useless if there is some rare glitch that causes it to update the SysNAND after downloading the update anyway...:P
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    No, that won't work. Doing almost anything in the System Menu that isn't updating your 3DS (or more to the point, your emuNAND) ejects you from GW mode. If you alter your user profile while in GW mode when you are done you will find that your are back on your old/"real" firmware and no longer in GW mode or using emuNAND. Just follow their instructions: Make sure "GW3D" is replacing the "Ver.", only update from the System Menu. If both conditions are true, you need no more safe guard than that.