Thoughts about a workaround for dsi region lock

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    Hey everyone Pokemon Black and White are just around the corner, but Play Asia delivered news of a posssibility that these games might be region locked on DSi consoles. While I do own a DS Lite, I would love to play this game on a larger screen and use the DSi features. Here are some of my ideas that could possibly work..

    1) Action Replay DSI- I do not own one, but would the DSi Action Replay be able to boot the game? It would bypass the DS menu. has anyone tried this with other dsi games?
    2) Flash cart- I have an m3 for homebrew use but is there a homebrew app the could boot a game in slot 1 (like an app that would let me swap out the m3 cart for black or white)? I wouldnt care if it wasnt in dsi cause mostly i want the big screen.
    3) Change firmware for Dsi- has anyone figured out a way to do this via flash cart? or are we still trying to hack the DSi?
  2. Cuber

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    Jan 29, 2009
    Not sure about Action replay..

    I think in a DSi as soon as you take out the cart the console resets.. so I don't think that can work... (Tho how does the AR DSi work??)

    I don't believe they've managed to hack the DSi menu yet..

    Edit: I may be wrong on number 2 as I just tried removing my acekard with the DSi on the acekard menu and it didn't reset..
  3. basher11

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    there was a video where the dsi booted up TTDS through ARDSi.

    just a possibility.
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    Jan 26, 2010
    The DSi will not allow you to change carts past the DSi menu.

    You have 3 options:
    [*]Wait for it to be released in your region[*]By a Japanese DSi[*]Use a flashcart and use the game in DS mode
  5. outgum

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    As for getting around region lock, good luck, Easiest thing to do is flashcart it, but make sure to purchase a legitimate copy when its out in English though ;P
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    Hmm, I was thinking about this too but If it was that easy wouldnt it be around already? >__