Think my outer cameras are broken

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    Just got a new video card for my computer, but I decided before opening the package, I would record myself doing it with my 3DS. So, I turned on my 3DS, went to the Camera app, and was going to get everything set up for 3D video recording. However, something wasn't going right. The inner camera seemed to work right, except every few seconds, it seemed like v-sync was turned off, as I could see video tearing. I switched to the outer cameras, and nothing was showing up for a minute. Then it began working, somewhat. In 3D, I could see what I was pointing the cameras at on the right side, but the left side was completely garbled with a lot of green lines. Went to Face Raiders, and the background was black. I then went to my system settings for camera calibration. What I saw was that the left camera was black and my right camera was fine. Reset to default settings. Now the left camera is extremely dim unless I point the screen downward, but this is only during the calibration. It is black (for both cameras) in any other app, and while outer cameras are on in the Camera app, the touch screen is just about non-responsive.

    Sounds like I'll have to have my 3DS sent in for repairs, but has this happened to anyone else before?

    This is the image I said earlier for the left camera...
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    And this is the 3D image that has the right camera working just fine.