„The SD Card was removed”

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    Sep 23, 2018
    Hello. I got this problem. I wanted to make some space on my sd card and like an idiot I deleted some files drom Nintendo 3ds folder. Just in case I made a backup before deleting it but when I copied it back on I can see all the icons but when I try to launch games it says „The SD card was removed”. And the same happens to the FBI or Luma or any other app and I cant launch them so I’m kind of stuck here. Now, I havent used my 3ds in over a year and its not updated. Luma works on startup with select button held. Its version is 6.3.1. And hourglass works too with 1.10 version. Hope someone can help me out and I can at least restore working fbi and luma apps.
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    I think the nintendo 3ds folder didn't copy back properly. Did you delete the old one before copying? (do not replace and merge)
    Your sd card may also be going bad. Please test it with h2testw https://3ds.hacks.guide/h2testw-(windows)

    If you can't get a working nintendo 3ds folder, you may have to delete it and start over.

    Your setup is also seriously out of date. I think you are using al9h? In which case you should follow https://3ds.hacks.guide/a9lh-to-b9s to get up to date and then https://3ds.hacks.guide/finalizing-setup to get homebrew back.
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    Keep a spare copy of your Nintendo 3DS folder that has your games and saves.

    You may be able to recover those save if your movable.sed was kept intact. Whatever you do, don't do a System Format. That will modify your movable.sed and make it impossible to get back your saves.

    Study the threads in the link below for techniques of save recovery. This is if you've never backed up your saves with JKSM, sdvt, or whichever save manager popular in the A9LH days.
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