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    Jan 20, 2016
    Hi, I have a strange issue with this game. I first tried it with Loadiine 2 with SSB(obviously) and it gave me the "insert game disc" prompt like a lot of people reported. I then tried it with Loadiine 3 with SSB. It actually worked the first time i tried it(I was actually able to play it for an hour or so, lots of fun). I tried to play it the day after and since then, all it does is freeze when you press start on the main screen while the game is trying to access the save file. I thought about what could have been different from the time I was actually playing it and figured out that by deleting the save file from the SD card, I would be able to load it again but it didn't work. I also tried to delete the save file and put the SD card in read only mode(flicked the switch on the actual card) to prevent the game from creating/accessing the save file and it didn't crash but got stuck in a loop where it tried to create a save file but couldn't because of the read only state. I tried to load the game with the SD card in read/write mode to let it create the save file again, then put the card in read only mode again, started the game and it was able to load the save file but then got stuck in the same loop as before when it tried to overwrite(my assumption) the save file. It wouldn't annoy me so much if the game would have never worked to start with but it did work, one time. I have a NTSC/CAN wii u with firmware 5.40.