TempBIOS - Ep1, Ryu

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    Straight from the last Tempcast episode, here is the first episode of TempBIOS, where video game celebrities are exposed before fame an fortuned raped their innocent souls.

    In today's BIO: Ryu


    Borned Ryubik Nanashi No Gombe, Ryu had a troublesome infancy.
    Ryu's original dream was to become a male model for Pijamas, although his dad always wanted him to become a great military leader driven by the fact of his son liking a western movie character named: Rambo, according to some sources Ryu's opinion of Rambo's red handkerchief at the time was "radical and totally bad ass".
    Ryu got into his first fight at the age of eight when he was pissed of people confusing him with his former childhood rival: Virtua Fighter's Akira Yuki. His dad, seeing that Ryu got his ass kicked by a kid younger than him decided to register young Ryu in his first Karate school, his first sensei was non other than master Roshi.

    Ryu's teenage years were marked by the presence of Ryu's first and only love: Mary Ryan, a young american visiting Japan.
    They dated for several months and eventually became a couple.
    Mary's affection for Ryu grew, and was only matched for her love for red colored clothing.
    Time passed by for the happy couple but just when Ryu turned seventeen, Mary had to come back to the USA to pursue her dream of becoming a secret agent, Ryu said for the win, oh sorry I read it wrong, he said watefuk.
    Ryu cried, begged Mary to say. He even considered the advice his friend Kong was suggesting but he respected Mary too much to kidnap her, beside, she could kick his ass.
    She told him she had the dream of getting married to an unbeatable warrior, somebody so good he would be called the 'King' of all warriors, then, before Ryu could even grow shoulders, she returned to the States.

    Ryu was completely heart broken, he packed his best pajamas and ran away from his home to join a Dojo in the outskirts of Japan, promising himself two things: that he will never be weak again and that he would never take his pajamas off.
    Mary was sad too but she eventually felt compelled to let the memory of Ryu go, along with all that was related to him, she dumped her entire wardrobe and start wearing blue jeans, soon she became known as Blue Mary and she forgot Ryu...

    Ryu has faced many challenges since then, battling foe after foe, from beings that can shoot energy from their eyes to eyes that can shoot beings from their energies.
    There is no doubt Ryu has achieved his dermas, but some say the wandering warrior still needs to fill the void in his heart, that, maybe he will never really forget about Mary's short blonde hair, dark eyebrows, american accent and her affection for red clothing.

    Currently Ryu is busy in an ongoing litigation with a group of talking Worms who started using his signature fighting movements for entertainment; when he was asked if he was going to ask Capcom for help on the matter he stated that Capcom was occupied with similar litigations with the WWE, Bruce Lee representatives, all the Sayan race, and every school of karate in Japan.
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