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    Hey all, I'm very new to the 3DS hacking scene, having only learned the 3DS was cracked near the end of the 9.5.0-22 web exploit days about a month ago. I've been trying to read info about things here, but can't find out a few pieces of info I'm curious about.

    The moment I learned about the web browser exploit to add your pokemon into XY and ORAS, I turned off my wifi, leaving my main 3DS at 9.5.0-22U so I could still use the web browser exploit, having a hunch it'd be fixed shortly after... glad I did. Since then, I've found out about Gateway, the nand mod, and other stuff going on, and bought 2 new 3DS systems: a brand new one with 6.3 firmware to use to update to 9.2 for homebrew with the ability to use the browser exploit.... and an old bundled edition one that likely has 4.3 on it for "endless possibilities", and DS profile exploit.

    Sorry for the long explanation of where I'm at here, but now on to my questions.

    1. I found out about later versions of Super Smash Bros for 3DS coming with firmware 9.2.0-17 and want to know... if I use this SSB retail cart (or the Codename: STEAM) to do an offline update of my 6.3.0 3DS to firmware 9.2.0-17 (or 9.4 for STEAM), will this 3DS now have / be able to use the web browser exploit?

    I've wondered this for awhile after someone said the last number in the firmware version is the "online component update", but others have said it's the "eshop version", but the update that killed the exploit only changed the last number.

    If you've done this and it does give an older firmware 3DS the browser exploit, please let me know.

    2. I haven't seen much on this yet, but wanted to know if anyone has cloned their 3DS console using the hardware nand mod to restore the source 3DS firmware.

    What I mean is: install the physical nand mod on the source 3DS; do a nand dump to their computer; clone source sd card; perform system transfer to 2nd 3DS, and afterward: use nand mod to restore nand backup on source 3DS and use disk image tool to write cloned sd card onto a new sd card of the same make, model, and size.

    After this, I'd assume blocking all nintendo updates for the restored source 3DS using a router or something.

    The reason for this would be to keep your source 3DS with all of your old software and themes installed on the firmware version you want, and using the 2nd, newer 3DS you got to continue updating and using it as normal.

    3. My last question, I think I saw my answer for in another thread, but it's if I can do a software nand dump of 9.5.0-22U without gateway or a DS flashcart and just use the web browser exploit to launch whatever app does the job.

    Apologies for the long read, hope you guys don't mind since I'm trying to be thorough on my first post. Anyone got the answers? (Thread links would be quite helpful to me any anyone else visiting this thread) Thanks in advance!
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    1.) My understanding is that a 3DS that has never been updated online will not have the browser/exploit. But I am not an expert, and there may be exceptions to this rule such as 3DS' that come with the exploitable browser pre-installed. Or maybe this rule is only for older 3DS, I really don't know for certain. I do know that the last number is supposed to relate to the browser version though - I've never heard of this being related to eShop.

    2.) AFAIK this is not at all possible, I believe that each NAND contains info that is unique to that console and would brick another console if injected. Again, I could be wrong, but that is what I've read.

    3.) Pretty sure there is no way to do a NAND dump outside of a hard mod unless you are on 9.2 or earlier, but again perhaps I am unaware of something.

    Hopefully somebody who is more certain than me could clarify or elaborate on things for you, as I figure there must be a way to get the exploitable browser onto your 6.3 or 4.3 console.
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    Yup, still on 9.5.0-22U on O3SDXL. The moment you go above that, you're screwed. However, you could use the N3DS to do the PKHeX transfers or just IR onto the old system...

    Another reason I want to get an N3DSXL with Gateway. Problem is, right now you can't do a system transfer until GW releases the 9.6 emuNAND update. Otherwise, everyone is stuck on 9.5 emuNAND with no eShop.

    Yes. As long as you don't go above 9.5.0-22U firmware. In fact, picking up a Sky3DS is really going to come in handy for you. You can use the Sky3DS to run that updated SSB ROM and use it to run Cubic Ninja for the N3DS Gateway Install. Or if you want, use the old Zelda-OOT GW install. But you're going to at least need an original copy of OOT or CN if you don't have a Sky3DS. The Cubic Ninja goes for about $30 which is MUCH cheaper than a Sky3DS. But Sky3DS will also be usable on ANY FIRMWARE allowing you to make MORE COPIES for your multiple 3DS systems. I'd do it if you can spare the cash...

    Also, O3DSXL systems can use the GW browser exploit to dump ROMs and backup sysNAND without owning the actual Gateway Carts. just go DL the Gateway Ultra 3.1 Pack and put the loader.dat file onto your 3DS SD card. Sadly, this doesn't apply to the N3DS systems. N3DSXL systems need Cubic Ninja or Zelda-OOT.

    You mean from 9.5.0-22U > 9.5.0-23U? 23U blocked accessing the browser from within game (using HOME button) on ALL games.

    eShop games are .CIA ROMs. They don't have headers unlike retail carts. However, the 23U update blocked ALL GAMES FROM ACCESSING BROWSER FROM WITHIN GAME/USING HOME BUTTON. The End.

    What you mean is: CLONE MY 3DS FROM ONE TO ANOTHER. Nope. Can't. Firmware is encrypted per device. You backup sysNAND from one system and try to put it on another, bricks. Game over.

    What you COULD do is what Gateway users call a "system transfer". Not an actual transfer, but if you have GW on the original system, you can backup all your ROMs and savedata from that system and then put them onto your new system with Gateway.

    Otherwise your stuck doing a normal system transfer which would mean your Nintendo ID, savedata, and games would be associated to the new system. While the old system simply becomes unassociated. Meaning you can put a new nintendo ID on it and hand it down. But it would basically "factory reset" but retain firmware. So don't even ask if it would downgrade firmware in the process.

    I already answered this above. Problem is, you can't on any system above firmware 9.2. If it was on 9.2 or below you could just DL the Gateway Ultra 3.1 Pack and pull the loader.dat file from it and slap it onto the root of your 3DS SD card and use browser exploit to backup sysNAND and make ROM dumps WITHOUT having to buy the Gateway Carts. Firmware 9.3+ blocked browser exploit. SOL. Sorry.

    Only way you can make a sysNAND dump of 9.5 would be to hard mod (soldering a micro USB port into 3DSXL) and backing it up that way. This would mean modifying the 3DSXL. Can be daunting. But then you could upgrade it to 9.6, then revert it back to 9.5. Hard mod required. But you would not be able to use that backup on any other system but the one it came from because of encryption.

    Wow. Lots of wheels turning. Good to know we have a thinker.

    So here's your situation:

    x1 O3DSXL on 9.5.0-22U (for PokeInjection/Pokegenning)
    x1 N3SDXL on 6.3 > 9.2
    x1 N3DSXL on 4.3? > ?? (U sure? Might be 9.0, most are 9.0 now)

    Once you get your N3DSXLs installed with Gateway, you can PokeGen with those and just go ahead and update the O3DSXL to latest firmware and move on. You literally could just transfer Pokemon using IR or even over internet.

    Don't pay for Pokebank. With Gateway you can run a free Pokebank. ON BOTH SYSTEMS!!! (so kewl). Then just transfer to O3DSXL like usual.

    I wouldn't even transfer the O3DSXL at all. Keep your old NID on it and leave it be. Unless you have savedata you REALLY need.

    If you do, then transfer your old system to one of your new ones with gateway, unload your savedata and basically start fresh with your old system. This is another reason why getting Sky3DS would be useful. You could use it on the O3DSXL and basically inject your savedata into the Sky3DS ROMs.

    So you would end up with...

    x1 O3DSXL + BLANK @ 9.6 w/eShop/Online + Sky3DS
    x1 N3DSXL + TRNSFER + GW + Sky3DS
    x1 N3DSXL + ?BLANK? + GW + Sky3DS

    Not sure what you really want to do with the second N3DSXL... NinjaHax isn't available on N3DSXL. So no homebrewing. Only Gateway on N3DSXL.

    Don't forget that the DSTWOPLUS will be out soon... might want that for your oldskool needs. NES-GB-GBA-DS+ARCADE+SEGA.
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    To Osmosis, I think you need to read my post better, at no point did I say I was using emuNAND, this is all sysNAND stuff, and all the answers are unrelated to the full questions I asked.

    In the first question, I didn't have a SSB ROM, I asked: if I were to use one of the latest SSB retail carts that contains update 9.2.0-17U to update an old 6.3.0 firmware 3DS (BEFORE the browser exploit of 9.0.0), does that retail cart update give you the exploitable browser of the 9.0.0 - 9.5.0-22 firmware? I can't find anyone that's actually said they used the retail cart to update so they could have the browser exploit.

    In my second question, I am not talking about putting one 3DS' sysnand on another 3DS, I'm talking about modding my source 3DS (As in source and destination when you do an official system transfer) with the hardware mod, plugging it into my computer and backing up my sysnand, as well as cloning the SD card, then doing an official system transfer, and then after that, restoring my sysnand on the source 3DS and creating a new duplicate SD card so my original source 3DS is back to the point right before I did the system transfer... then I would block nintendo's update servers and try to delink the NNID on it manually.

    On the last question, you sorta answered, but the browser exploit works for 9.0.0 - 9.5.0-22, and I can make it run exploits without a game going, I'm sure, since it's merely running code in the SD card's root, or from the website. I saw another thread that said something like how to run a software nand dump without a flashcart, but have to find it... too tired now, though.

    My situation is that I have an original 3DS, my main system, the one I've used since I got it... and after hearing about the browser exploit being fixed, I still have not updated it past 9.5.0-22. Then I decided to get myself a secondary system that can stay in the browser exploitable firmware range, and wanted to be able to use ninjhax if I wanted, so 9.2.0 is the highest for the second original 3DS. Then, as part of my game collection, I also got a Zelda original 3DS which ended production before firmware 4.5.0 existed, so I'm pretty positive it's on 4.3.0 or 4.4.0 at the latest.

    O3DS = 9.5.0-22U (What I eventually want to allow to update again, it's my main system)
    O3DS = 6.3.0-[something]U (my new one that came from a paper mario bundle to update to 9.2)
    O3DS ~ 4.3 or 4.4 (My Zelda 3DS)

    None of them are XL or N3DS, but I do have a 4.3.0 3DSXL, and I'm not sure what version my Zelda 3DSXL is at.

    My Zelda N-3DSXL is probably the lowest firmware, seeing as it was released for preorder before the New 3DS launched.

    The end results I'm going for is having one 3DS be on firmware 9.2 so it can use ninjhax and everything else that worked until 9.3, AND has the browser exploit for pokemon or other stuff... one 3DS that I can toy around with that has 4.5.0 firmware and emuNAND... and last, my main 3DS just using as normal, allowed to update like normal, no modification or emunand.

    Again, sorry for the lengthy post.