system menu freezes when gamecube disc is inserted

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by fgsfdsyo, Jul 6, 2012.

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    My friend's wii has always had this problem but trying to get all my gamecube games backed up and testing them, the freeze has proven to be annoying and mysterious.

    1. Gamecube disc or gamecube backup disc inserted into wii
    2. Wii goes to system menu
    3. Wii freezes

    It doesn't freeze if the disc is inserted at any other moment. I can browse the HBC without the wii freezing and et cetera. Unless things have changed drastically, I think he has some form of cioscorp installed because I can see wii backups at the disc channel. Other than that, I think he used ModMii a few weeks ago.

    Has anyone heard of something like this happening and would know a way to solve this?
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    I would try reinstalling the MIOS and see if it freezes with retail GameCube games. If it no longer freezes, then that was your problem. I would recommend that your friend just use NeoGamma R9 and a cMIOS to run GameCube disc backups. Alternatively, your friend can use DIOS MIOS to launch GameCube backups from a USB drive.
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    The reason that backup gamecube disc show up in the system menu is due to the fact that modmii provides a patched system menu ios.
    If you would setup priiloader to load the system menu with ios 249 ( if you have this installed offcourse), theoratilcally you can run single burned gamecube backups from your system menu, from your region.
    If you haven't got priiloader setup this way you will get a black screen.

    If he remodded his wii with modmii, he lost the cioscorp installation.

    Edit: maybe not really on topic,maybe it can be helpfull...