Switch will not recognise RH Joy Con post RCM mod

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    Jan 13, 2019
    Hey everyone, new to gbatemp.
    Apologies if this had already been answered, I have only found a few discussions regarding this issue online.

    Recently carried out a permanent RCM mod on my RH joy con. Running a reed switch between pin 1 and 10. It works fine, with the switch going into RCM mode, with a magnet present on the back of the right hand joy con. The problem is that the switch does not recognise it being “docked” once it has started up.
    With it staying in wireless mode the whole time.

    I have read that due to a firmware update to the JoyCons, it is able to sense apparent modifications to the joy con. Sensing when pins 10 and 9 are shorted. While I have not shorted these pins together, i did disconnect and reconnect the joy battery, the apparent remedy to this issue.
    I have also resoldered Pins 1 and 10 along with an inspection of the other pins under a PCB inspection microscope I have at work.

    Does anyone have any ideas what could be the issue?
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    Wild shot in the dark but did you verify the ribon cable for the 10 pin dock is fully inserted in the joycon motherboard. Even if it wasn't connected to the motherboard the reed switch will still short out the necessary pins.
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