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    Jan 1, 2010
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    I just want to play Earthbound on my r4i gold(running wood r4 1.27).
    So I googled and downloaded SNEmulDS06-WIP2 and extracted the cfg and nds file in to the root of my Microsd.
    Then I downloaded an Earthbound rom that is in smc format which I think is the format supported by the emulator.
    I put the rom in folder named SNES.

    So I started the emulator,it starts with the bothing screen which loads the fs thing then fails but moves on then goes to screen where I can select the rom but there is nothing so I press A then to the tweaking menu and when I go to the select rom it show nothing and when I press A it errors.I have done this many times and still it does'nt work.So how do I fix that?
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    Feb 14, 2007
    Right over there -->
    Did you make sure to put the roms in a folder named "SNES" in the root of your card? The folder for your rooms can actually be changed with the help of the .cfg file. It doesn't matter where you place the .nds file, however.

    EDIT: Should've read some more... >.> I'm not sure what's up then. Sounds like a problem with the dldi or your mSD card... but I have no idea. Under normal circumstances it should work fine the way you have it set up.