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Apr 13, 2009
Im interested in purchasing a SLOT 2 device for my DS. I already have a slot 1 flash card (i use the EDGE). Whats a good highly reviewed slot 2 device for the DS? ANd whats a good site to purchase it on?


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
Quite why we are in site discussions I do not know but OK.
The question is asked fairy often and the reply is invariably the same,
you have 3 options
1) Cheap and cheerful expansion pack

2) DS era GBA slot cart

3) GBA era GBA slot cart.

2) and 3) are quite rare these days (you will probably only be able to get 3) if someone sells one second hand but do not count on such a thing happening; they are highly sought after devices).

1) Expansion packs, several people have made them with popular ones being the EZ 3 in 1 (also know as the 3 in 1 and EZ5 3 in 1, do not confuse it with the earlier EZ3), the Ewin expansion pack and the m3 expansion pack.
They all have third party (some have in loader and some use third party tools) and first party support in varying levels although the 3 in 1 probably beats them all.

2) DS era cards. First please note all the makers released a version with seriously limited GBA functionality, this would be the EZ4 lite compact, the Supercard rumble (I mention it in a minute but all supercards are bad at GBA), and m3 professional. No DS era GBA slot/slot2 card supports SDHC in a meaningful way.
The big 3 here are the EZ4 line, the supercards and the M3.
One of the main features of this era was the DSlite sized flash carts, all three big makers have versions out there in such a form factor.
Only the supercard and EZ4 still receive occasional updates for DS games.

The EZ4 arrived a bit later and started with miniSD (GBA size: EZ4 original) and microSD (DS lite size: 3 versions here being the EZ4 lite, EZ4 lite compact and EZ4 lite deluxe).
Great DS and GBA compatibility here.
The EZ4 and EZ4 lite feature 16 megabytes of RAM and 32 megabytes of NOR
The EZ4 lite deluxe has 32 megabytes of ram and 48 of NOR.
Ram is fast to write but only lasts as long as you have power and NOR is slow to write but it there until you say otherwise.
All released GBA roms are 32 megabytes or less with most being 16 or less.

Supercards had been around for a while and as such have CF versions, SD versions, miniSD and microSD versions.

M3 cards.
Great GBA compatibility (GBA patching is easy enough to do), DS was good but no updates mean it is not really worth it anymore if you want DS.
All feature 32 megabytes of RAM aside from the previously mentioned M3 professional aka M3 pro.

3) GBA era cards.
This would be the likes of the EZ3 (think EZ4 original but without the ?SD slot and instead onboard memory of either 128, 256,512 or 1024 megabytes) or the older cards like f2a, EZ2, EZ1 and EZFA (not the same company as makes the EZ1,2,3,4,5 and 3 in 1) which are essentially NOR only cards ranging from 128Mbit to 1024MBit in size.

For DS the EZ3, EZ2 and EZ1 can use some of the EZ4 stuff but I would count on it for serious use, all the others had ways of running DS but it would be laughable today.
GBA compatibility is usually top notch and they often feature things like real time save (not as good as an emulator), real time clock*, onboard cheats (DS era also feature cheats and you can also hardpatch cheats into a rom with GBAATM).

*real time clock is a feature of a few GBA games (most notably pokemon) which allow timed events to happen (think time of day). Several GBA era carts have this but you can just as easily use a patch.

Shops: the 3 in 1 and other expansion packs can be found just about everywhere, the EZ4 and the like can still be found in the odd shop (I have none to hand right now) and they crop up second hand quite often and the GBA era are extremely rare as most people that have them want to hang on to them.

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