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    Hi, I'm not very experienced (at all) when it comes to ROM hacking, but I'm wondering if there's a utility or tutorial that someone can link me that will show me how to do this.

    I'm not looking to do anything fancy, just change character names for personal use.

    The games I'm interested in doing this for right now are Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates, if it matters.
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    Hopefully someone else has pulled apart fire emblem enough to see, you might get lucky as the franchise is one of the more commonly pulled apart.

    Anyway character names are often one of the special cases in text editing. They can be basic text, or something very similar to it, but if you start having user assignable names or names in corners of text boxes or other things that set it apart slightly from normal text (or those plus normal text) and it necessitates having to learn more.