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    Jan 27, 2007
    Hi everyone!

    Does anyone know the maximum read and write speeds of the wii u for SD cards?

    From what I gathered online the internal storage the Wii U uses has a maximum specification of 52MB/s so my guess is that a SDXC card with UHS-I capabilities of around 40-50MB/s sequential reading speed should work fine for a good experience that's similar to what e-shop downloads offer. There are however cards that go higher (90-300MB/s reading) and I'm wondering if buying such a card is even worthwile, can the wii u even support it? If the wii u supports those it should decrease loading times (it won't improve game performance itself though, except maybe for a few rare exceptional cases).

    I'm less concerned with writing speeds as I'll probably dump my games when I don't want to use the wii u anyway but it might be useful info for other people.

    PS. USB 2.0 can technically offer games at 60MB/s but in practice usb 2.0 speed is normally halve of that, so 30MB/s SD cards should already offer experiences similar to e-shop downloads on usb :)
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