SD Card Not booting on startup

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    So I have the newest Luma cfw installed on my Hyrule 3DSXL (same method/tut i used on a 2ds just fine)

    And I can't seem to get my micro sd card to autoboot with the system. It does load the sd card cause it plays everything installed just fine (games/homebrew)

    I can get into the luna config but that is IT. Here is what my screen looks like


    And here is what it should look like


    I have tried to load multiple payloads when booting all fail aside form the luna config. I had to manually copy and paste the bin files from the sd card to the CTR NAND/rw//luma/payloads folder.
    The config.bin is there as well.

    Doing that did allow me to open those payloads but i get errors about my sd card

    Hourglass9 shows - arm9loaderhax... success and Initializing SD card... failed ... Initialization: failed

    Emunan9 shows - work directory (null) and Emunand:SD not ready and SD Storage: uknown filesystem

    Decrypt9 just gives me another initializing sd card failure.

    Now i have use the guiformat.exe (with 32k cluster & full format) to format 3 different micros and they all say the same thing.

    I just modded this a few days ago and have had no issues up until i wanted to use a payload.

    Does anybody know what I can do?
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