1. SuperYoshi93

    OP SuperYoshi93 Member

    Jan 11, 2016
    Hello everybody. So i checked my beloved psp slim and the screen got broke :( it has a damage on the cover between the buttons and the screen that goes long all over the screen until the bottom part of it. So i want to change the screen and i remembered that i had a TOTALLY bricked to the death psp fat (already tried in the past years to unbrick it but i guess its burnt) that sill has some really good components. Can i take its screen and put it on my psp slim?
    Or.. can i do something more advanced? Like taking parts of the slim and put them in the fat? Except for being burnt, its still really bulky and in good conditions :creep: Just guessing. Not expecting more than changing screens but if i can try to make more or different stuff, im open to suggestions.
  2. FPSUsername

    FPSUsername Newbie

    Feb 8, 2021
    Most likely not. My PSP 2004 has a broken LCD and I was looking for a replacement. The ribbon cable of the PSP 3000 LCD is different, so I couldn't do the upgrade to the best screen (and is possibly the same for the 1st gen LCD).
    You can buy a replacement LCD from AliExpress for less than 20 euro. I am not sure however if the 3rd party LCD screens can go brighter than the original one, but if they can, it's a nice upgrade.
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