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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Notyalc, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Notyalc

    Notyalc GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 10, 2009
    So, it's been quite a while since being active on GBAtemp - gaming itself taking a backseat for a while - but I'm finally getting round to it again!

    Now I've got some time to finally, I'm here to ask about some issues with my hacked Wii that I'd not got round to fixing a long while ago.
    I had been reasonably experienced with homebrew & everything on Wii, it's just been a while!
    So I was hoping some kind souls would be willing to get me back to speed & running again! :)
    ....And so I don't balls things up on a setup that's pretty damn stable as is!

    Notably, given how the Wii is in it's lifespan - these are probably the last fixes/changes I'd want to make to be entirely content with it! Then on just making backups & the occasional new game maybe.

    My Wii's setup us currently 4._E (Am thinking 4.1 or .2 - will have to check yet to be sure)
    And am pretty sure was the old Bannerbomb hack for it.

    It uses CFG for loading backup games through an external HDD. No issues on booting games - all fine on that!
    (Slight issues in ripping games in some cases, but often just rip to memory stick & transfer via PC instead = not a problem.)

    I think if memory serves, it can boot Wii backups through disc channel (negligible since using CFG).

    Also has an old version of NeoGamma for the GC Multi-ISO DVDs I use on occasion (which I may yet look to update for more stable GC support, but not priority for the moment).

    1. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way (I must've overwritten an IOS, at a guess) it has stopped being able to boot WiiWare or VC games (these being stored on the SD) - upon trying to launch them having a 'failed to launch' error message.
    Is there any specific IOS required for this? And one that'd not interfere with the rest of the setup!
    (See - it's been a while; so don't want to jump headlong & balls it up!)

    2. For WAD installation, I have the old WAD installer from Waninkoko (spelt right? am doubtful).
    Is there any better or more improved that I've missed out on?
    Worth asking in case!
    A new friend of mind (who re-inspired me to get to fixing) had shown me some of his stuff on his newly hacked Wii - particularly something that seemed able to manage WAD & IOS, likely other stuff too. I THINK this was d2x-something or other....

    3. A particularly important one - bootmii backing up.
    Get it onto Bootmii & set it to back up (the NAND) to the SD..
    This is same as ever?
    (Am pretty sure Bootmii was accessible by holding power as Wii boots right? No doubt I'll re-discover this later anyway..)

    4. For the aforementioned GC Multi-ISO backups - are there any recommended USB loaders for GC games?
    Ideally to load onto the same HDD as Wii games & would there be any issues in doing so?
    Granted, GC backups aren't too important to get going on HDD for their occasional use - but given how USB loading seems easier done nowadays am inclined to ask.

    That's pretty much it!
    Am basically hoping to fix these issues so I have the Wii at a status where it'll happily boot all the games without issues & that is functioning to newest standards!
    Fixing WW/VC & being sure bootmii backups are fine as ever!

    A few additional questions, but not too important:
    Would I be able to install the YouTube app/channel on 4._E ? (I know, everything has YT apps nowadays - but curiosity!)

    Have there been any major updates to BBC iPlayer channel (UK only) in past few years? (I expect not, but worth an ask if am missing some significant improvements since)

    Are there any recommended (Windows) Wii Backup Managers?
    (I'll be looking over some shortly, but any opinions or pros/cons, are appreciated!)

    Again, these last are low priority & will likely give some investigation to myself after I've got the main issues sorted.

    Many thanks for reading & any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks! :lol:

    PS - if there's any issues with this as a topic; wrong section, too many questions, whatever - I'd oblige gladly; just let me know & direct me to wherever I ought ask wherever that's applicable.
  2. ddetkowski

    ddetkowski GBAtemp Maniac

    Jun 15, 2009
    United States
    United States
    Use modmii, wizard mode, from my link....
  3. Notyalc

    Notyalc GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 10, 2009
    Ah, having a look at now & installing

    Thanks! :lol:

    So, will this interfere with the current setup? It says somewhere that it'll read the current setup...

    And, in particular, is there clarification in it's setup of what each IOS (to install) is for? Namely so I know which IOS is needed for WW/VC - as main example

    EDIT: Just running through this options of ModMii - it's impressive!
    A world ahead of how I recall modding! :lol:
    But, ehh...from what am great a solution it is to get core stuff going; doesn't seem to be any clarity as for IOS purposes or anything about GC support...
    Impressive as this is!
  4. Notyalc

    Notyalc GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 10, 2009
    Okay, I've had a lot of progress from using ModMii - all updated with IOSs etc, VC/W'ware on SD are working again, CFG loads USB ISOs fine as ever!
    That's all good!

    However, the only issue left is booting multi-ISO GC discs (or the alternatives) - trying to boot through Neogamma (settings seem fine) & also attempted through disc channel (recognises with a 'Nintendo Gamecube' banner).

    GX loader will boot GC through USB, but will make disc booting for GC non-functional; is this correct?

    I'd be fine to rip the ISOs for USB, but is there a means to with Multi-ISO DVDs?
    Also, is there a means of splitting them back to there original, seperate ISOs? (Not a dealbreaker by any means)

    Advice/Help is appreciated! :lol:
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