Retail or rental?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by R2DJ, Jan 10, 2012.

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    So I've been thinking of spending my money more efficiently this year so I need some advice with spending money for video games. I am from the UK and we have a rental service here called LOVEFILM and I want to go for the Unlimited plan where I can rent 3 games + unlimited access to Lovefilm player for £12 a month. I need advice from fellow Brits and other people who have experience with game rental services. Here are my concerns:

    - Concerning games that require online passes, does LOVEFILM offer games as newly packaged or pre-owned? What usually happens when a game like that gets delivered?

    - Is LOVEFILM the best rental service out there?

    - Is this a better option than retail?

    I'm practically sold by the idea, but I need more convincing. Especially about online passes.

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    Hmh this is a tough one.

    Lovefilm sure is the most advertised and has a very big selection, granted.

    However I have compared Lovefilm, 4OD and Tesco's BlinkBox.

    Lovefilm has large selection and good quality.

    4OD has very few films and not great quality.

    BlinkBox has a large selection and the quality slightly beats Lovefilm's.

    Only problem with BlinkBox that it isn't supported by many smart TV's, unlike Lovefilm which is. You can get it on the x360, but you need gold membership. One is forced to either connect your PC/Laptop to the TV or to host the film from your PC on your local network which is then accessed by your smart TV or xbox.
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    The most efficient way? The MOST efficient way? Piracy. :tpi:
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    Generally, game rental services send you used copies. Online will only work if the code hasn't been used yet, or if the game doesn't check for multiple copies.

    That being said, game rental services are EPIC when you want to get clean from piracy.
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    I'm pretty sure he's talking about video games and not films.


    Personally, I like the rental services due to if its crap you send it back get a new game. (I know you can do that with purchased games but some companies are fickle about that and sometimes don't allow it,) So that's a plus for me.

    I personally don't think that they package it as new, due to they'd have to spend the money to get THOUSANDS of online passes, so I'm sure you'd have to buy your own. They are only like 10 bucks per though.

    Not being from the UK I couldn't say what's the best there, but Gamefly is here and it's awesome. I enjoy using it.