[Request]Smash Bros 4 Model Replacement Or Genral File Replacment

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    After watching soneek video I figure out happened. At the point he has to overwrite the memory of smash bros model. So i was asking is someone could help me figure or find a program to inject files into memory location. I know that FIX94 has one for virtual console injection so if we could have the same thing but could specify memory regions and the model/texture.

    For an example 2F344000 is were i found captain falcon model. It has the same header as the extracted model.

    Edit: You can send in a file via tcpgecko by right clicking in memory view and send file..... This post will now be filled with stuff i will do and research mods.... Thank You FIX94
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  2. soneek

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    The models aren't at the same address every time. The models, textures, sound banks, etc. for the fighters are loaded after leaving at the screen directly prior to the match.

    Also, I only used Cafiine when loading the alternate models. I also can't run any webkit exploits at the moment, and there's only so much I can learn with having others test for me. I'm hoping to get back to this after the semester is over, but I used the game's patch engine to add whatever files I want to the patchlist, and also updated the resource file with correct sizes.