[Request] An NTR plugin or Homebrew to change system's Country Code

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    The only flaw to region emulating is always a bad country code data. Such data is very illegal in some games, like Pokemon. (You would end up with an illegal Pokemon like JPN region but US as its country.)
    Today I was messing with region changing and after I performed a ctr transfer to EUR region on a USA 2DS, I realized that the country is still set to United States, which means the system's country code has not changed after the ctr transfer, and it is possible to have an out-of-region country code. I also found a country code list on 3DBrew: https://www.3dbrew.org/wiki/Country_Code_List
    So I wonder if it is possible to create an NTR plugin for the system setting to set an out-of-region country code of our choice, or a homebrew that can change the country code? This, combined with region emulating, can achieve perfection.
    This has once been mentioned in Luma3DS issues, but TuxSH just claimed that it's not possible.

    Also in my experience if you ctr transfer to another region, set the country, and try to ctr transfer back, it will result in a black screen brick (tested with 2DS) so that's not an option lol
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    This is something I'd also have interest in :)
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