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    So kids no longer play on the Wii U as they have Switches!
    I followed the guide here
    I added installed the exploit with DS game brain training I think, and then set up CBHC now I recall the file it installs too can not be deleted but has to be uninstalled correctly ?

    How do I remove everything and put back to factory ready to sell ?
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    get the CBHC installer on your SD card again, the installer is also used to uninstall.

    launch the homebrew launcher, launch CBHC installer, in the homebrew interface I think you have to press B to uninstall the "autoboot" option from the console.
    Note that it only uninstall the Autoboot, not the patched NDS channel, nor restore the NDS game back.
    after uninstalling CBHC, reboot the console to verify it's correctly uninstalled (go into the settings, it should be 5.5.x instead of 99.99.99), now you can go to the data management option and delete the "do not touch /!\" title, and redownload the NDS game from eShop if you want.

    You want to sell it, so it doesn't concern you, but just for completeness :
    if you still need homebrew access, but just want to uninstall CBHC, I recommend you launch haxchi installer AFTER uninstalling CBHC autoboot. You don't need to delete the channel, just install Haxchi over it.
    The "do not touch" title, is in fact CBHC but without autoboot, if you want CFW or homebrew you just launch it manually, but I prefer Haxchi because it has a config.txt you can edit to your needs.

    If you want to sell it, you should unlink your eShop account first. It should be inside the eshop program.
    then delete the user account, or format the console to completely remove track of installed apps, savegame and settings.
    I never did it, so I might be wrong on that last part.
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