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  1. Februarysn0w

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    1. Custom Firmware installed 3DS or New3DS
    2. GodMode9 (By @d0k3) <3dsx release for HBL or bin release for A9LH>
    3. My easy python script

    --How to use--
    1. Launch GodMode9 go to each directory for each region.
    JPN 3DS or New3DS go to => sysnand/data/unique id/sysdata/00020200
    USA 3DS or New3DS goto => sysnand/data/unique id/sysdata/00020210
    EUR 3DS or New3DS go to => sysnand/data/unique id/sysdata/00020220
    2. Press "Y" and Copy and paste "00000000" file to root of SD card.

    3. Rename the file "00000000" to " 00000000.bin"

    4. copy your 00000000.bin file to computer. put python script same directory and run "cmd" and type
    python pass.py
    5. Now you can see parental codes. if you can see 2 codes Please try both codes. (why 2 codes? because the 3ds shift address every time we change the code.)

    More detail and testing result is on this and this thread.
    Thank you.

    ---Special Thanks---
    @ihaveamac @Justin20020 @Filo97 @daxtsu @MsMidnight @Asia81 @Wolfvak @Ericjwg

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  2. Filo97

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    the only bad thing of this, is that it needs you to be on 9.2 or lower, while the master code generator online worked even on 10.7
  3. d0k3

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    Dec 3, 2004
    Master code generator?
  4. Filo97

    Filo97 Zelda's totally my sister! Not lying!

    Oct 8, 2015
    Hyrule Castle
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    The tool the SALT guys made. Generates a master code if you give it an enquiry number. Just means to the same end ^^
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