Hacking Rejuvenate Unity + VIrtual box ?

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Hi guys.

I used PSM and rejuvenate some month ago, in WindowXP and rejuvenate running in VirtualBox.

With the Unity method, it seem that I have to be on the same *WIFI* network that the vita to get it working. Since it's not the case (the VM use the host wifi to access internet but with a bridge and not directly, I have no WIFI dongle) the defiller get stuck at "waiting for vita connection".

Someone already did it ?

I have no windows near me to test, so the VM is not an option , at least for a few weeks :/

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In case it can help:

Install your VM and setup PSM for Unity inside. Follow the step until VItaDefiller is installed in the PSVITA. AT this stage, you are very ready to run any homebrew.

extra step to follow:

You'll need mono installed on your distro. So you just have to copy back your rejuvenate install into a folder outside the VM. Then just run the command line

$mono VitaDefiler.exe uvloader.vds VitaShell.velf

For example. That's it. Just make sure that you are on the very same wifi. This worked with ubuntu 15.04.

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