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    Jul 25, 2012
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    OK, in the past I followed an incomplete tutorial that had a few typos, and those typos bricked my 3DS. Thankfully I had a Gateway and had backed up my NAND. I sent my 3DS to be modified and reflashed, and now it's back in my hands.

    I was on Firmware 4.x, now it's on 8.1.0-18.U. Also, the 3DS Games I'd bought from the store in the vNand, are now in my regular NAND but say they need redownloaded to work.

    I updated the Gateway software on my Blue Card and SD card, but now can no longer boot into the Blue Card, nor can I load the Gateway software from the web page to try to resolve matters that way. I have tried various SD cards and all of them behave the same now.

    Any suggestions?

    Also I can no longer get into VNand mode.

    EDIT: Just learned about hold the left trigger at the Gateway logo screen triggered by the web site.

    I'm able to use their menu again... I might have it now, backing up NAND.
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