Real region free with Starfall / Preloader

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by BigEN, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. BigEN

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    Mar 4, 2009
    Hey guys,

    I searched for it and I tried several things but nothing works as I want...

    I have to Wiis. One is on NTSC-U and one on PAL.
    I installed CIOSCORP and Starfall and Preloader on both, tried many combinations of hacks but I don't get them working regionfree.

    So... is anybody here, got this work?
    Playing NTSC games on PAL and PAL games on NTSC without Mod-Chip and without a backup launcher?

    I'm confused about the combinations of starfall, preloader and preloaders several hacks.ini hacks...

    Be nice...

  2. koji2009

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    Mar 13, 2009
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    With 1:1 backups... there will never be a perfect choice to get all games working. That said I can play NTSC-J backups straight from disc channel using starfall options only on my NTSC-U wii... But the differences between PAL and NTSC make it a lot more difficult.
  3. menage730

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    Dec 25, 2008
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    you can make a wii region free its not the wii it actually has alot to do with your tv this is my opinion anybody correct me if im wrong if your tv is backward compatible for both video modes (pal & ntsc ) i have 3 wiis 1 on my flatscreen hdtv & 2 on older model regular hdtvs on my flatscreen (not all flatscreens work tried on a couple that didnt work either) I play either pal or ntsc on the other 2 some pal games work either in color or black & white & some dont ive tried every method there possibly is even changed the region on my wii& nothing the only thing i havent tried is wiipowers toy r7 cause im pretty sure im right on my opinion & its not gonna work either no offense to any of the programing gurus because if it wasnt for you guys trying shit & trying shit we wouldnt be where we are right now thanks again
  4. afif95

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    Nov 24, 2008
    TC, Softmii or MiiWii is what you're looking for (Which is region-free backup loading through Disc Channel)
  5. n8disme

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    in response to BigEn..... Ok i think I can help. Mine works great. I can load backups through the nintendo disc channel (pal or ntsc). I downloaded zoro pal just be sure. My wii is an ntsc downgraded to 3.2 with homebrew, yad a yada yada.

    Anyways I was having the same problem you are in trying to figure out why i couldn't get starfall and preloader to work together. Answer is because they don't (not if your loading starfall through homebrew anyways). I know there will prob. be people to argue with this saying that they don't overwrite or interfere with each other, but that is only half true.

    What you have to do is completely remove preloader and starfall from your wii by using anyregion changer m5 and then using hack remover to get rid of the hacks.ini file that preloader uses. When you are running any region changer it will ask something about korean discs (ignore this and everything like it) just scroll down and select your firmware and click go. Let it do it's thing and select no when it asks about korean disc loading. but at the end is where it will install the crucial starfall elements that will work along side preloader the way you want. select yes to installing the "starfall type hacks". When it installs these hacks it installs Disc Area Check - forces the area settings of the disc to the default console settings (hence region free for real). Then when you are done reboot and then install preloader again with your hacks.ini. After that install cios corp. Then you are all set everything should work fine then. You can find all of this info (which helped me) at click on 'downloads' in the left column and download there softmii zip file.

    hope this helps you.

    let us all know.