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    Dec 20, 2014
    As the title says, I'm really interested in upgrading from my 4.4 old 3ds to a new 3ds, but i really wouldn't want to use an xl, i know they're nice and all but they're too big for my taste; I'm more interested in the regular console, I really wish for a black one too, but the PAL price for the black console is just too high for me, given how i have to buy ocarina of time or cubic ninja for its proper region, what are your thoughts? I don't mind a japanese console either since I can read a little japanese.

    Where could I buy these consoles? And are they within safe firmwares? I haven't seen many JP-AUS reports.
    Also, I'm wondering if I could use my old 3ds gateway and put the pal oot cart in it for the save management, would that work? or do i need a save dongle for that.