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    I've searched the forum, but couldn't really find what I was looking for. Basically, I'm trying to inject Majoras Mask into a Donkey Kong 64 (Loadiine ready) backup. The Majoras mask rom I am using is already prebuilt for loading as well.

    Folder Snippets

    I already got Loadiine working correctly, and loaded some WiiU backups. What would be the next step for loading injected VC games? My biggest hurdle so far is trying to figure out where Caffiine goes on the SD card, and how to use it. After that I'm assuming I'll need to figure out the directories for the backups I have prepared as well. Can someone explain the whole process for me in simple a terms a retard would understand? I'm sure others would be happy to have a step by step guide as well.
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  3. CreeperMario

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    If you want to use Loadiine, you don't need to use Cafiine. Cafiine is a tool to perform over-the-air patches/mods to legitimate disc/eShop games.
    You want to use Loadiine, which requires a dumped copy of the game on your SD Card, that you can apply patches to directly.
    You should be able to find most of your answers in the Sticky threads at the top of the Wii U forums.
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