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    1. Stimulus Package or Resurgence Pack? I think that some of the maps in the RP are mediocre, with the exception of Vacant and Fuel. I think that the SP's maps are all winners.
    2. Favorite gun for each primary category? SMG: MP5K. Assault Rifle: TAR-21. LMG: AUG HBAR. Sniper Rifle: Barret .50cal
    3. Favorite secondary? Striker.
    4. Favorite equipment? Poke-ball [​IMG]
    5. Favorite map? Sub Base.
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    1. Definitely Stimulus
    2. SMG: UMP, Assault Rifle: ACR but the damage isn't that much. Scar-H does a lot of damage but the bullets are out so quick. AK47 is also pretty good but the aiming is little harder with the iron cross-hair.
    Famas is super strong, but from close combat you don't have a chance.
    3. Definitely the SPAS12.
    4. Semtex
    5. Sub Base
  3. 4-leaf-clover

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    2 AR: Ak47 SMG: P90 LMG: MG4 Sniper rifle: intervention
    3 model 1887 with fmj
    4 semtex/claymore depends on waht class im using
    5 favela
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    1. stimulus
    2. SMG: UMP silenced AR: TAR-21 silenced LMG: none Sniper: Intervention (used to be barrett, but the intervention just feels better)
    3. akimbo rafficas with steady aim
    4. semtex
    5. favela because i'm a rusher and i love all of the different paths/cover on that map