[Question] Would system tranfer work?

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  1. ketal

    ketal aiueo

    Aug 20, 2015
    I currently have 2 O3DSs, a standard one that was of my brother and a 3DS XL that I currently use.
    The old 3DS was left abandoned due to my brother breaking the charge port, but I'm sure I'll get it to work using a charge stand from a friend. I wanted to "revive" this console because it was part of the ambassador program (bought the 3ds before the price cut) and I wanted to transfer the exclusive games to my XL to keep them safe.
    Now, last time that console was used was about 2 years ago, so the firmware should be 6.1.0-11E. My question is, if I run emunand, and update it to 9.9, will the system transfer work and let me play those virtual console games on the XL?