Question about Slot-1 cards.

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    Hello, probably this is a bit dumb, but i have a question...

    Do slot-1 cards can also work as passkey/superkey/passme?

    Wondering this because i have a SC-Rumble SD, but i plan to upgrade to a Slot-1 (like acekard2 because it's a bit cheaper).

    But, i also plan to use my old good-rumble in case some DS game doesn't work (yeah, it still have great compatibility), and why not, to try some games already have in the SD.

    If that's the case, how it works? (i mean... the Slot-1 cards boot directly to their menus right?)

    Do i still need the superkey, or can i sell it?

    Keep in mind this, i DON'T want to flashme the DS, just because i want to keep my DS without any modifications.

    Thanks a lot for your help [​IMG]
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    Most slot-1 cards do (if not all). As for how it works, depends on which slot-1 cart you have so your best bet is to read the manual. I think you have to hold a button down when running from an EZ-V but I have no clue what makes the other carts tick. The ones that force-autoboot to a menu usually have an option to load from slot 2 afterwards, just like from the DS's main menu, so autoloading menus aren't a problem. Safe answer would be to keep the superkey until you're sure it works.
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    If it's not a Lite why not do it?