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    Aug 7, 2017
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    I just got a wii u from ebay. I hwant to mod my vwii in it and have some questions. I have a normal wii and have hacked that to olay wii backups via usbloader GX and it has been perfect. I want to mirror that on my vwii as best as I can?

    1: Im not sure what version firware will come with it. if it is below 5.5.1, can I update to that specific version, or will it automatically update to teh latest and greatest?
    1a: If it is at 5.5.2, and I still hack the vwii only for usbloader gx and nintendont?

    2: Once the hacking done (Im going to follow the guide in this thread), will I also be able to install wiiware/vc wad files with YAWM. I want to move them to my SD card jsut like my normal wii if possible? Will I still be able to jsut isntall the WAD and play? Are the wiiware/vc wads I used on my regular wii safe to use on my vwii?

    3: I have a 4 TB HDD that has 2 partitions, 1 is all my wii games formatted as WBFS through WBFS manager. Can I jsut format teh other partition as Fat32 32k and store my GC ISO's on that? How will I know what partition is which? Every Time I hook up that HDD to my PC it wants me to format it obviously because it cant read WBFS. Is there a way around that so I can have both GC and WII games on the same HDD while using USBloader GX

    4: Once all this is taken care of will I have to worry about system updates breaking my homebrew on vwii? I want to keep the internet alive on the wii u because there are some eshop games I want to buy. How might I get around that. Will and updates from a game disk, like Zelda:BOW break homebrew by updateing my system?

    Thanks for the help
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  2. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    Automatic updates are a thing, so be sure to set a custom DNS immediately after configuring your wireless network

    Some games have 5.5.1 on disc and this is by far the most foolproof way, else if your version can run homebrew -

    Yes but not for free, you will need a Wii game with exploits, for example Brawl

    Yes, but just like on a real Wii, you will need to patch the system menu IOS to copy them back - and IOS for Wii are different from IOS for Vwii, so be careful of what you're installing


    All commercial digital Wii games are fine on Vwii
    Wii GUI system channels (Mii channel, photo channel, weather channel, ...) also work well on Vwii
    Some homebrew channels (mostly forwarders) made for Wii will not work on Vwii but they won't cause damage, just not work
    IOS (including CIOS) and Wii Menu will also "not work", but this "not working" can be destructive

    WBFS partitions are old technology, all modern USB loaders support having ISO or WBFS files (trimmed isos, don't confuse with WBFS partition) on a FAT32 or even NTFS partition

    Vwii was last updated together with Wii U system 5.0; of course nothing prevents Nintendo from still updating it, but it's extremely unlikely since they just don't care anymore
    BOTW is one of the 5.5.1 games, so you should actually update with it :)
    Again, 5.5.2 (not on any disc yet) breaks Wii U homebrew (unless you installed Haxchi or CBHC on an earlier version), and Wii U homebrews allows you to mod Vwii for free and repair most Vwii bricks, so it's a good idea to not update to 5.5.2
    You can use the eShop on outdated versions with NNUPatcher, another Wii U homebrew!
  3. Zero1983

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    Aug 7, 2017
    United States
    Thanks for the reply. I do have brawl, so i might update to 5.5.2 and use my wii disk. If i apply the dns after wifi will i still ve abke to get into the wiiu e shop. I dont realky want to mod my wii u, just my vwii.

    Is there a way to get all my wbfs games back onto a drive that i can use along with any gc isos. I have read for the yc, to have 1:1 rips fir better compatibility? How do i do that?
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