question about doom DS

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    Aug 31, 2008
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    anyone know what sonic robo blast is? it is a mod of doom ( and on the doom DS website i read how doom was so portable so im wondering if this game right here can be ported to DS because it's the best 3d sonic game ever

    also.. has anyone else micro sd got bricked by trying to load doom ds? i dont know why it happened but while it was loading, it froze after it showed my ds nickname. then i turned off my ds, when i turned it back on the R4 wouldn't load... i try formatting it 3 ways (my phone, SD format program, and trying it through my computer) everyone of them ended up saying there was an error.. i ended up breaking the micro sd in my fucking rage i broke my house. people who are thinking about getting doom DS beware it will fuck your micro sd.... go download metroid prime hunters instead

    PS: i has dandruff