[Q] Setting up CFW from Gateway

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    I'm really seriously overwhelmed by the amount of jargons popped up in the 3DS scene so sorry for repeating the same questions again Im away from the 3DS forum a long time! I am ready to ditch GW to be freed from the shackles of only able to pirate with it around.

    -Im on new 3DS 9.2 with MSET GW Emunand using the oot3d exploit
    -I have the NAND.bin backup using GW
    -Unlike the PSP forum, the 3DS one is so unorganized compared to it and not noob friendly enough
    -OTP, AuReiNand, ReiNand, RxTools, Decrypt9, arm9 and many more that I do not get...?
    -I have another clean old 3DS around of 9.9 firmware and afaik it can be downgraded nowadays right? How do I do it until the final step of installing CFW? (I read that old 3DS have different method of installation than the new 3ds)

    What I wanted:
    -Boot rate at least same or better than GW
    -Ability to dump xorpads to generate .cia (Is it possible now on new 3DS?)
    -Ability to pirate the 3DS .cia with high to perfect compatibility (How is it up until now?)
    -Ability to boot it without extra tool like a GW

    So isn't there any "all-in-one" CFW that is the "best"? There is so many versions of CFW and "hax methods" I don't know where to start really (ReiNand, Rxtools,

    I don't mean to be directive but wanted to be clear and straightforward towards fellow respectable helpers of GBAtemp to instruct me the proper ways :) For anyone that like to post lmgtfy thing you can save your time and energy as you are over underestimating my noobness.
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    Mar 5, 2016
    Your N3DS with Gateway can do everything you mentioned without the need of a CFW.

    A decent guide is https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutoria...luding-emunand-coldboot-cia-installer.405589/

    1 - My boot rate with Menuhax and GW autobooting GW Mode is damn near 100% that i might as well say it is 100%
    2 - Add decrypt9 to Homebrew Channel, or CTRBootManager for xorpads
    3 - I personally use NASA or DevMenu to install CIA's (NASA for games)
    4 - CTRBootManger, which the guide i linked goes over

    You can skip the EmuNAND9 parts as you should have already setup an emunand with GW.

    Whether or not you choose to use CFW or GW is up to you. GW will give you MultiRom and a decent Cheat interface, and is able to install and play cia games. CFW does not have the MutliRom, and as for cheats, NTR is your only option without any additional hardware (i believe).

    OTP is a lengthy process to obtain the information required to install the Arm9LoaderHax. This provides faster boot speeds, and ability to load some apps prior to nand being booted. This is not for novices.
    AuReiNand/ReiNand - Custom Firmwares that provide an EmuNand environment (basically the same as GW Mode)