Project M USB Loader booting problems..

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    Hello GBATEMP, how are you?

    I have a question about my Project M. For months now I have been running Project M through USB Loader GX without any problems. Yesterday I was bored and wanted to install priiloader so it would boot directly to USB Loader GX, here's the thing... It boots properly, but whenever I select Super Smash Bros. Brawl it boots vanilla brawl with the Project M character select screen, Whenever I start playing it freezes. I have been using an 8gb SD card since I have done homebrew and before priiloader it was able to run without any problems. I downloaded USB Loader CFG to see if it was GX causing the problem, it does load Project M properly, but whenever I select my stage it takes 1-2 minutes for it to boot. I put Project M on a 2gb SD card, which does boot on both USB Loaders, but I still have to deal with the stage loading time. It was ever since I installed priiloader I have been having these problems. It is very irritating.

    I am running homebrew on 4.3u, 8gb SD card, I have Ocarina enabled and set hooktype to VBI. I followed this tutorial:

    Who ever can help me it'd be much obliged.:P
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    It's probably the issue most priiloader have encountered:

    in priiloader, don't install the USBLoader's boot.dol, but the forwarder's boot.dol (that dol is located in the wad/forwarder/ folder in the all-in-one package)
    or if possible, set to auto-launch the forwarder channel (TitleID: UNEO), which will grant you AHB access.

    edit 2018 :
    don't follow the 2014 suggestion.
    install the forwarder channel, and then install this in priiloader instead : Channel Booter for
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