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    Jul 14, 2020
    Hi guys
    I have a problem with my PSP.
    As You can see in the following YouTube link
    When I try to run a game the console after a failed loading screen switch off,the problem is related on a slow reading by the Memory Stick Drive.
    I tried a few attempts:
    1-This issue started with the previous CFW installed : Pro C-Fix 3 with CIPL, I tried all settings : Inferno,Sony NP9660 etc...,I tried also the CPU Game setting on 333/166,but nothing changed.
    2-I uninstalled CIPL and PRO C-Fix 3,leaving 6.60 ME 1.8 as a CFW,but nothing changed.
    3-I tried to use alternatively an original SONY Memory Stick,but nothing changed.
    4-Finally I tried to use also a contact cleaner (I put it a little in the memory stick adapter contacts to clean also the ms driver of the PSP) but nothing changed.
    How Could I solve this issue?
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