Problems with ACNL cartridge. Possible CFW solutions?

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by Darlenix, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Darlenix

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    Feb 8, 2010
    Excuse me if this isn't the correct forum. I wasn't sure where I could get help with this. Please move the thread to correct section if this actually isn't the correct subforum.

    I have an ACNL cartridge, right? I lent it to a friend with a N3DS with the installed amiibo update. A few days ago, I got that cartridge back.

    I used it in my old 3ds, without the amiibo update installed, and created a really neat town I'd like to keep.

    The thing is, I used the o3ds out of need because I didn't have my n3ds(cfw'd with the amiibo update) available at the moment.

    Now, I put in the cartridge in my N3DS and the save it has inside is the town of my friend. But MY town appears when I load it up in the o3ds.

    I tried deleting my friend's town in the N3DS, but then the game warned me of corrupted data. The O3DS didn't recognize any save data anymore. Good thing I exported the save data just in case with JKSM, and things are back to before deleting it.

    Any helpful soul that might throw me a bone here?

    Here's an image of the same cartridge inside both 3DSs:
  2. GizmoTheGreen

    GizmoTheGreen GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Oct 8, 2009
    when you first run the game with the update it creates a converted savedata with a different filename inside the savespace.
    so I guess when you ran it without the update, the "old" game doesn't know about this new file and created a -new- save since it "didn't have any"
    then when you ran the updated version it just continued on using the new savedata with the new filename.

    old ACNL save is garden.dat, I think the amiibo update converts this file to garden_plus.dat if there is already a savefile, but it keeps the old one, I guess as a backup incase the conversion goes badly.

    edit: might be relevant
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