Problem with SocketPunch and 3DS to CIA Converter

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    Jan 15, 2016
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    Just a quick question about SocketPunch cia installation over WiFi - I have 768MB left on my SD card, I'm trying to install Detective Pikachu via CIA but I don't have enough memory to transfer AND install the game, so I heard SocketPunch can install games over Wifi without the trouble of having little memory to transfer and install on. Tried that, I either get a 'size misaligned' error or FBI freezes and SocketPunch fails. I tried using a modded FBI that users claimed worked for them but it freezes at either 0/1/2%. I also tried a modded SocketPunch but that didn't work either.

    Also, I tried converting the CIA to a .3DS but I, for the life of me, do not know how to use that converter, the rom is always never recognized or I get some sort of error, something about a header or something. I have a Sky3DS and there are some games it can play but those games only seem to be available in cia form which I do not have enough money to buy a bigger card for. You guys say they're so cheap but I can't even afford new clothes let along an SD card.

    Any help with both of these issues would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!