problem with slot2 booting moonshell.

Discussion in 'NDS - Flashcarts and Accessories' started by sona1111, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Mar 2, 2011
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    I have been working on a small project for a little while attempting to get my slot 2 storage MMD with a CF card to work as extended storage room. (an R4 in slot1 is the main device) So far i have not had luck simply browsing to the second slot (moonshell does not support this i guess) but i have had success following other guides on this site to get moonshell to boot from the slot 2 install when booting the .nds from the slot 1. (the tutoril explained how to patch with the slot2 DLDI and use the no-autopatch program.)

    This works very well, but only the first time. (?) Moonshell works perfectly when booted this way, but when i shut off my ds and do the exact same thing again, something has changed and it will not start. I tediously typed the error(s):

    Old driver: Default (no interface)
    New Driver: Max Media Dock (compact flash)

    Position in file: 0x00024228
    Position in memory: 0x02049020
    Patch Base Address: 0x02004A40
    Relocation offset: 0x00044600

    Patched successfully
    ARM7Wait: Copy EWRAM to ARM7InternalMamory. and, Reset memory.
    DTCM top=0x02800000,size=0x0450(1104)byte
    HTCM top=0x02800500,size=0x2660(9824)byte
    stack top=0x02802b60,size=0x13a0(5024)byte

    Appname moonshell ver 2.10 stable

    ARM RVCT3.1 [build 794]
    ___current pc=0x020008c8 sp=0x02803ec0

    est for NULL ptr [NULLSTR]
    expand memMgr array. [temp] 0->32
    PC6=0x027ff400 296byte.
    DSTT SDHCFlaq 0x00000000.

    on the bottom screen is a generic message something that says "autodldipatch.exe" surrounded by japanease

    and below that:

    "was rom file of correct DLDI patch started?"

    "Please re-format media and try again."

    "Please try with different media from another manufacturer."


    I have tried reformatting the slot2 CF again and installing moonshell 2.10 on it, but the same thing happens, works fine the first time, then the same thing.

    Any ideas?
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