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    Hey everyone. A little while ago I bought a 100 pack of verbatim DVD-Rs for $19 shipped (19 cents per disc). However, since then the price has gone up to $28 now. Someone told me that bought 100 for 10 cents per disc or $10 dollars. Does anyone know the cheapest place to find DVD-Rs online?

    Also, I've had luck playing DVD+Rs in my wii... and I found a deal on newegg, 100 pack DVD+R for $18 shipped. However, they're of a brand that I'm not familiar with, "RiDATA". Does anyone know if "RiDATA" DVD+Rs work good with wii backups?

    My wii drive doesn't read Maxells but it reads ESA DVD+Rs and Verbatim DVD-Rs... so it's hard to tell if my wii drive with read this new type of DVD+R "RiDATA"...

    any help with cheap prices and brand recommendations will be great, thanks!
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    If you mean these:

    I have been using them for the past 2 years or so... About 1000 disks used hardly any bad disks other then those caused by my error usually me stopping them.

    Yes they work in the Wii I have about 10 games that I have burned with these disks and they all work 100% from what I can see.

    I usually burn at 6x speed with imgburn and I verify the burn after its done.