Possible to eject cart on DS and insert it again?

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    I've seen some cool stuff done with the DS, but I wonder if you could swap carts a la CogswapLoader (PS2) to change carts without turning the system off and back on again. IMO this should work, as I've seen things stay in memory after pulling a cart out (NesterDS anyone?), but I can see the problem with DLDI or not having certain things refresh. I'd like to see this happen, even if it's not really useful. Does anyone know if this is possible?
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    Some of the dumping tools did this. Flash carts tended to pose a problem as launching a game might have involved initialising different things on the cart. Technically the passme exploit/entry point/homebrew launching method did something like this. You might also have some fun with one of the blaze 3 in 1 cart selection devices ( http://media.mymcart.com/product/855/original/a11d55f7-c636-11e0-ac51-5347caf6f99f.jpg ), personally I find they are more useful for watching pins on things, redirecting things and injecting your own stuff into but to each their own.

    The 3ds and I think also the DSi have proper eject detection built into their code at a higher level so it is not going to happen there.

    As you said though there are not so many practical uses for this, or at least not any flash carts + cheats + emulation do not make far easier to handle.