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    Apr 4, 2009
    I recently ordered Pokemon Platinum a week ago. It arrived on Wednesday and it is one great game. I’ve had some troublesome moments with the game but I still enjoyed it.


    It starts off as you and your friend (rival) attempt to go to Professor Rowan to get Pokemon. Professor Rowan deemed them worthy and gave you both a choice of starting Pokemon. This choice varies between Piplup (water) , Turtwig (grass ) and Chimchar (fire). Once you obtain the Pokemon of your choice, you embark on an adventure to become the greatest trainer ever. Several storyline elements have been changed in Pokemon Platinum. A police officer (Looker) appears throughout the game and a new Team Galactic leader (Charon). Later in the game you go to the Distortion World. The Distortion World defies gravity so you can walk on walls and go down, up waterfalls. The 3D graphics in the Distortion World disappoint because it is a known fact that the DS could produce better graphics than the graphics there. The changes in Pokemon Platinum’s storyline are minimal to say the least. Some of the mythology has changed due to Giratina’s increased presence but few people care about that. Pokemon Platinum’s story is great for newcomers and is decent for people who played Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.


    Pokemon Platinum has the same graphics engine as Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. Much of what is done in Pokemon Platinum could have been done in Pokemon Diamond. Some of the gyms got revamped and the Elite Four have themed rooms. The Distortion World’s graphics are okay but you can notice a lot of jagged edges. The Survival Area, Fight Area and Resort Area have been changed for the better. This includes more detailed sprites of exotic trees, detailed fire at Stark Mountain and taller berries. They may seem like small changes upon first look but as you walk through those areas, you began to appreciate the cosmetic changes. I only wish the cosmetic changes were throughout the whole game. After seeing what was done in the Distortion World and other areas I wondered why Nintendo did not incorporate aesthetic changes like that throughout Sinnoh. The graphics in Pokemon Platinum reminded me slightly of the graphics in Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver. Whilst this is unrelated to the review I feel that it is necessary. Feel free to skip as my pondering is in italic. As I was looking through Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver prerelease screenshots I noticed at how detailed the trees and various other things were. I was shocked at the fact that the graphics engine was based on/is Generation’s IV engine. If it was possible to produce graphics as good as that with Gen. IV’s engine why only do it in the remakes. Why didn’t they incorporate that in Pokemon Platinum/Diamond/Pearl. Was it laziness or was it entice users to buy the next Pokemon game? The graphics in this game were appreciated greatly and I don’t think it is necessary to complain.


    The majority of music in this game came from Pokemon Diamond. In particular I enjoyed Regis (Regirock, Regiice, Registeel: available through event) boss music. It was an enjoyable tune but it wasn’t memorable. I will still state my thoughts on the music despite it being from Diamond/Pearl (some readers might not have played Diamond/Pearl). The battle music is enjoyable. It is good enough to last an entire game without it feeling tiresome. The soundtrack for the Dialga/Palkia (legendary Pokemon) battle is amazing. It is one of the best soundtracks in the game. The best soundtrack in the entire game in my personal opinion is the Giratina battle music but most people will tend to like the Dialga/Palkiabattle sound better. It’s all a matter of personal preference. The soundtrack in this game is good enough to not seem repetitive but is nothing special. You can listen to the Giratina battle music here.


    The battle in Pokemon Platinum is unchanged, for the better. The only change wanted from me is to increase the speed of battles (increased in Platinum but not enough). Battles in Pokemon Platinum are great and unchanged. It retains the same intense strategy and enhances on that with the great addition of the Battle Frontier. It may have been my perception but I noticed that you “surf” faster in this game. The game still has the core gameplay which is what makes it great. There is not much changed here but that is probably for the better.

    Replay Value

    This game has tons of replay value! There is going to the Wifi Plaza, trading with friends and watching people on the Vs. Recording. The Battle Frontier increases the replay value by a whole bunch. You can also attempt to finish ( seen 271 so far) the whole pokedex (list of all pokemon) or increase most of your pokemons level to 100. You could also EV train (special type of Pokemon training) your pokemon or hunt for shinies. You could face your friends in the undergound, enter contests or battle them through Wi-Fi. It would be impossible for me to name everything you could do in this game. If you are looking for a game with good replay value, get this!


    Pokemon Platinum is one of the best games available on the Nintendo DS. Pokemon Platinum is a noticeable improvement from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It is a great buy for those who don’t own Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and is an equally great buy for those who already own Pokemon Diamond Pearl. I rate it: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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