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    So I purchased a Nintendo DS Lite recently, so I am now able to play GBA catridges or flashcards as well as NDS cartridges or flashcards.

    I have been playing some Pokémon Roms (not hacks) through RetroArch on my n3DS.
    Such as Leaf Green for GBA with Gpsp.

    If I have been playing Leaf Green and training pokemon with RetroArch on my n3DS is there any possibility that-

    a) I can migrate this save file to a (Gen III) GBA cartridge and trade these Pokemon (Gen III to Gen IV) to a (Gen IV) NDS Cartridge?
    b) Purchase a GBA flashcard and use my current LeafGreen save (Gen III) to continue playing on the DS Lite Slot 2 and trade these Pokemon (Gen III to Gen IV) to a (Gen IV) DSTwo Flashcard?

    I not sure if they are both possible or which one of those methods is the correct one? Any insight would be helpful.
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    GBA flash carts use SRAM for saves where the original games use Flash. The DS ROM, regardless of whether you run it from a flash cart or the original cartridge, will try to read Flash but encountering SRAM will see it falter. Fortunately there are patches so you can read a GBA slot flash cart from a modified ROM. Said patch can be found http://filetrip.net/nds-downloads/rom-hacks/download-pokepatch-4-2-f27240.html . There is no equivalent to HANS on a DS though so you will need to run a ROM on the DS. You can however dump the save from an original game, run it with a modified ROM on the DS, do what needs doing and flash the save back to the DS game if you wanted.

    Basically a and b are both possible and people have done both in various forms over the years. I am not sure what form retroarch saves take (whether they are compressed or have an extra header/footer or something) or if they are raw saves, it should not be too hard to figure out what might have changed. I also assume you mean normal in game saves rather than savestates, it might be possible to convert savestates but that could be a bit more involved. Anyway once there you can flash saves back to a GBA cart easily enough. Not sure what people are using these days for it though (variously it was management tools for the 3 in 1 flash cart, http://filetrip.net/file.php?id=3228 or eepinator http://blog.davr.org/2007/03/31/eepinator/ ).

    Similarly once on the DStwo I am not sure what people have done as far as the pokebank if you wanted to move them up to the 3ds pokemon games. However with the 3ds being as hacked as it is then it would probably be easier to do normal hacks/generation.
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    Thank-you for that elaborate explanation on how I can accomplish this.

    I did some investigating on the links you recommended and will dwelve a bit deeper as soon as I purchase a GBA Flashcart and DS Flashcart.
    I think at the moment I have decided to just continue playing all the ROM versions of the games with their respective FlashCarts depending on the Generation and follow the Pal Park feature and continue on up to the DS Titles. Also, I think I'd be switching back and fourth between Computer Emulators and console in order to use codes to capture the Legendaries and train and trade them up as well. (If it let's me)

    I haven't really had much time but yes, (Once I reach Generation V and VI) I definitely would like to figure out exactly how to move them up to the 3ds games, or the PokeBank or through trading since Wi-Fi is indeed mentioned to work on the ROMs with Flashcarts.

    These are the current Flashcarts I am considering on buying, opinions would be nice on if this merchant and product is definitely worth the buy.
    GBA FlashCart http://www.nds-card.com/ProShow.asp?ProID=576
    Nintendo DS FlashCart http://www.nds-card.com/ProShow.asp?ProID=135
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    Jan 25, 2016
    You can transfer gen3 pokemon to a gen4 game with the help of desmume.
    After that i guess you can export them with pokegen in different files for each pokemon and inject them with pkhex.
    Else you can use the gen4 save with a ds flashcart to transfer the pokemon in a legit gen5 game and then use pokebank.