Playing new Disks - Update Needed?

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by dj_doc, Jan 22, 2012.

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    I have bought some new games recently
    I have backed them up onto my USB drive
    When I go to play them some of them will freeze up at some point...

    I bought Zumba for the wife - After one song it the music stops but the games keeps playing.
    I have a few other examples like this if needed....

    But that leaves my question

    I want to load my disk regular sytle - Its says i have to update

    I have read enough to know a Disk update off of a new game is Bad and will (can) brick a Wii

    How can I play some of my games (Store bought) right off the Wii?

    can I not just play them (It seems i cannot)

    So I have updated from 4.1U to 4.3U -
    Reinstalled BootMii
    reinstalled IOS236 V6
    Reinstalled cIOS 222 V 5.1

    Running the d2x Cios 3.1

    I have tried loading it from the Configurable USB Loader under IOS 224-Mload (None of the games even load this way at all??)

    All my "Backup Disk loaders" are real old....
    do I need an updated Disk Loader or am I missing something else?
    I have messed with this for 2 weekends - Including a lot of reading....
    So its time to ask for help...
    Running the newest version of the USB Loader as well...

    Anyone help?


  2. LWares87

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    Oct 19, 2008
    Update your cIOSes to the latest recommended ones from ModMii Also, download the latest NeoGamma and use that for your disc loading.

    If needed, install Priiloader and enable block disc and online updates.