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    I modified this in 2014 shortly after the valkyria chronicles 3 English patch was released

    The valkyria chronicles 3 team modified the eboot.bin to accept decrypted pgd's, which at the time i felt was messy. By modifying some stuff in the kirk_engine i was able to turn the decrypter into an encrypter as well.

    It works very simply, put the original file named (rename if it is not the same) DATA.BIN in the directory. it will spit out DATA.BIN.decrypt also vkey and header (decrypted) and to reuse in the encryption process (this way it can create 1 to 1 PGD's of the original (if the file is not modified))

    when you want to encrypt a file put DATA.cpk (rename any file to this) into the directory and run the bat and it will give you DATA.cpk.encrypt which you can then add back into your PSP iso.

    I hope this will be of some use to somebody.

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    The files do not put on root.
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    Mar 31, 2017
    Do you know how to fix this? I wanted to re-encrypt an edited DATA.cpk, the header and vkey files were in the folder.

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