oothax help 11.4-11.5

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    Dec 31, 2015
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    Ever since I updated to 11.4, the oothax I had stopped working. Dunno what's going on. I boot up OoT and start up the homebrew thing. It stays on a screen that says 'the homemenu robpin is ready.' before crashing and sending me back to the home menu, giving me a message that says 'An error has occurred. Please save your data in any software currently in use, and then restart the system.' It's been giving me this since the 11.4 update what do I do?
  2. Jhynjhiruu

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    Dec 31, 2016
    Firstly, the same payload won't work on every firmware. Before you updated you should have rerun the installer, selecting the updated firmware. Second, homebrew doesn't work at all on an Old 3DS after version 11.4. You should have installed custom firmware by following https://3ds.guide/ while you were on <11.3, as doing this gives you many benefits, including access to homebrew on an Old 3DS on more recent firmwares. As it is, you'll have to find a new primary entrypoint.
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    The installer itself from what ive seen with other topics about this, is that the installer itself will become useless at higher firmwares, but if the actual save is still intact, that itself should still potentially be useful for the exploit