On Nintendo 64 power supply.

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    Hello to all.

    I have recently purchased a Nintendo 64 from the UK and the original power supply socket is a G shape and written on it is PRI: 230V 50Hz.
    However, I am in mainland Europe, meaning the power supply here is F 220V 50Hz, if I am not mistaken.
    I understand that newer systems have higher tolerances in which variation is concerned to allow for some inter-usage between the UK and Europe with just a simple socket converter.
    However, the Nintendo 64 is older than this modification.

    As the most powerful supply was the console's original, I am thinking that the European voltage will not be capable of frying any circuits, but I am uncertain.
    I have been unable to find information about this particular issue and I would like to know if I can get this N64 to work with just a socket converter from G to F here in mainland Europe, or it would not work.

    Thank you very much.
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    Should be fine. It is only 230V AC nominal anyway and it can vary quite a bit depending upon how much else is being used in the house or on your street, something Nintendo would have known.

    Moving from 60Hz to 50Hz can be tricky (50Hz is harder on things) but all but the most precision devices will be fine with the voltage ranges between the UK and Europe of the time/presently.


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    230v power supply running off 220v is well within the 10% spec. It should be fine with just adapter.
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    Traditionally, the UK and Ireland were 240 V, most of continental Europe 230, Italy and something else I don't remember 220

    So, in the interest of a common EU standard, politicians decided for 230... with tolerances wide enough that no power company actually had to change anything. Capitalism at work!!
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