Nvidia Shield Owners & Android users: Discutions and Questions

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware, Devices and Accessories' started by Edwii, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Edwii

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    Nov 8, 2007
    Hello, I ordered a Shield, while I wait for it to arrive I thought I would start asking some questions and encourage exchange of experience with the Shield so far.

    A few things I was personally wondering:

    1. I wont have a PC that is built to stream to the Shield until later this year, my current PC isn't a slouch tho. Has anybody installed something like "SplashTop" to see how it would perform independent from the Nvidia streaming method? Could you let us know how well it works via SplashTop?

    2. From a "portable" gaming device aspect, I mostly got it to play emulators, and probably would be pretty content if all it could play was that lol. Can you recommend the best console/handheld emulators for it?
    (specifically the app names and what system they emulate)

    3. What are your favorite Android compatible games to play on the shield?

    4. Can you give us a description of your general experience with the shield, and list any tips and apps worth getting for it.
  2. ILuvGames

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    Nov 13, 2011
    I can't comment on the shield itself (not owning one) but I have used quite a few emulators on my Nexus 7 tablet. The first thing most people will point you towards is a package of emulators called Retroarch. Although they may not arguably be the best emulators of their kind compatibility/feature-wise it is nice to have most bases covered in a single package.

    There are a couple of PSX emulators in there but I keep going back to FPSE because I prefer it's included GPU shader over the ones in the two emulators in Retroarch.

    Genesis Plus GX in Retroarch is pretty good but another alternative would be the free version of MD.EMU.

    There is a Nintendo DS emulator included in there as well but the paid for app Drastic is much better in both compatibility and speed.

    On a more revelant note, there is someone with an Nvidia Shield like you and he and other members are posting their experiences with the emulators in Retroarch on the official Retroarch forum :-

  3. Quietlyawesome94

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    As far as emulators go, the above post should get you started.

    N64: Mupen64 Plus AE by Paul Lamb is the ONLY free N64 emulator you should use. All others as of the time of this post are just copies of it. N64oid is paid and old, but still yields better performance on some games.

    PSX performance is actually better on Retroarch in most cases than FPSE, but of course doesn't offer all the tweaks that FPSE has. It also contains a sweet little Cave Story core. There's a custom Cave Story build with mobile friendly font somewhere, but I'm not sure where it is at the moment.

    Drastic is an absolute must have. From what I've heard just about EVERYTHING runs 100% on a Shield. Heck, I get 100% on most games with my dads original Kindle Fire. Get it, nds4droid and dsoid hardly compare.

    PPSSPP is an up and coming PSP emulator. Version 0.9 was just released and games like Dissidia and Ridge Racer are near full speed.


    That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Hope you enjoy your Shield. :mthr:
  4. Edwii

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    Nov 8, 2007
    Mini review:
    I was cautiously optimistic when I decided to buy the shield. Now after having it for the last 5 days I gotta say, this thing is under priced! You get so much with it! I realize that there are tablets with bigger screens and similar hardware power, but having the controller on it and the huge battery life is invaluable! It may not be as portable as my 3DS, but the extra bulk is worth it. I'm not the person to put my 3DS in my pocket any way, all gaming handhelds EVER are too big for pockets IMO(except maybe the gameboy micro) So I just put the Shield in my back pack or motorcycle bag and go.
    I dont have a PC yet that can use the streaming pc game function, so all my little review has to do with is what a Shield is like mostly as a portable unit.

    Who the Shield is for:
    PRO: Shield is the best portable device for long term use while sitting down. In other words your going to enjoy using/interacting with the shield a lot more then you would with a cell phone. Now that I own one, it is going to be a blast to have when taking long car trips, or any traveling.
    CON: It's on the bulky side. So It's not something I would take with me to kill 5 mins, like going out to eat and waiting for food, or waiting in line in the bank. I wouldn't bring a 3ds or psp to something like that ether so, stick to a cellphone.

    Shield vs Tablet vs Phone vs VITA/3DS:
    People compare the Shield to many other portable devices. It's not in competition with just one area of the market, it has its ground in many areas.
    Tablets: these are best for taking notes, reading, watching videos. Not the most portable form in the world. Can be a bit awkward to control different forms of games dude to the overall size of it. Prices very, but sky's the limit.
    3DS/VITA: Gaming specific portable units. These are great for games. Usually have a ton of great titles to choose from. But not so great from a well rounded media device point of view tho. Usually the most affordable option
    Smart Phones: Communication are their greatest strength, that goes with out saying. Not the best for gaming, not the best for media, very well rounded, highly portable. The swiss army knife in the mobile market. Pricing = above average.
    Shield: The Shield takes most of the best features from all the above except for three things:
    1. it's only way to communicate with the out side world is Wifi.
    2. Portability(on the go) as I said early, I find it highly portable but not practical for on the spot short term things.
    3. Games, some people rag on it for not having great game selection. Personally I disagree, there a ton of games, most of them free or wicked cheap, Many of them very fun. best of all you can emulate flawlessly anything N64/PS1 and older.

    If I were asked: What would you get a 3DS/Vita or a Shield? I would say, If there are system exclusive game titles you really want to play, like any thing Mario/Pokemon/Sony-games? Then get the system that supports that game you want to play.
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