Nintendo Switch Presentation: Live Coverage

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    Are you ready? It's finally time for Nintendo to show off what they have prepared for the Switch, from the launch date to the price of the system, and perhaps even the Switch's game lineup. GBAtemp will be here to cover the entire event when the stream goes live on January 12 at 10PM CST / 4am GMT.

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    Conference Start

    Here we go folks

    Kimishima is on stage. He's going over what was announced in the Switch reveal trailer.

    Launch and retail price coming up.

    Releasing WW March 3 2017
    Retailing for 299.99 USD, EU price is based on retailer
    Online services can be demod for free, but will be a PAID service in the Fall of 2017 live Xbox Live and PSN.
    NO REGION LOCKING. They nearly trolled everyone!
    Nintendo console history
    Play styles TV mode, play games on the TV like a console. Tabletop mode joy cons disconnected. Portable mode is like a typical handheld.
    Battery life will be 2.5 hours to 6 hours.
    Uses USB Type C
    Capacative touch
    They're going to talk about the joy con controllers.
    The analogues are buttons themselves.
    NFC and amiibos supported
    Screenshot/share button
    Social media sharing
    Accelorometer and gyro controls
    The joycon has more to come...they're going to come in red and blue and have a wrist strap
    It has a motion IR camera which can tell how far objects are. The Joycon can convey the feeling of very subtle vibrations, looks very impressive. Called HD rumble.
    new games!
    1 2 Switch, a motion based game
    This "video" game doesn't require a screen, and instead requires you to "look into the eyes of your opponent" to play. Nintendo wants this to be a huge party game. Comes out as a launch title.
    Next game looks like a boxing game.
    Called ARMS
    Fighting sports game.
    "It's like boxing and shooting combined"
    Joycon senses your punches, a lot like a modern wii boxing.
    Springman and Ribbongirl
    Online Multiplayer, not a launch title, coming Spring 2017
    Splatoon being shown.
    Screenshot_20.png Screenshot_21.png
    Splatoon 2
    Local and online multi
    Coming summer 2017 and will have updates like the first did
    Open world 3D Mario
    Can throw his hat to attack and make platforms
    Screenshot_24.png Screenshot_25.png Screenshot_26.png Screenshot_27.png

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    Journey to an unknown world. The hat has an important effect in the game.
    Screenshot_29.png Screenshot_30.png Screenshot_31.png
    Monolith Soft
    Screenshot_33.png Screenshot_34.png Screenshot_35.png Screenshot_36.png
    Xenoblade 2
    Fire Emblem game, but not an RPG?!
    Fire Emblem WARRIORS by Koei
    Screenshot_38.png Screenshot_39.png
    Dragon Quest 10 and 11
    Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2 for Switch
    SMT 25th Anniversary
    Screenshot_40.png Screenshot_41.png
    Back to Square Enix
    Octopath Traveler
    Screenshot_43.png Screenshot_44.png
    Shin Megami Tensei has just started development, no name yet
    Bethesda and Todd Howard
    Grasshopper Entertainment
    Awkward translator is having trouble, no idea what's being said
    It's everyone's favorite company...EA
    World's most popular sports gaming coming to Switch
    FIFA "the most social and immersive sports game"
    Rayman Legends, DBZ Xeno 2, Sonic 2017, Just Dance, Minecraft, Dynasty Warriors, Street Fighter 2, Bomberman, Steep, Fast Racing neo sequel, Mario kart BATTLE MODE, binding of issac, Disgaea 5, I am setsuna, it's a crazy fast lineup
    Lots of ports, many many many more
    Product configurations
    Two versions, one with grey and one with blue and red joycons
    More details on the official site soon
    Nintendo OA and EU coming to talk.
    Shibatta talking.
    There's going to be a few demos of the Switch. GBAtemp will be at one, courtesy of @shaunj66 so make sure to keep an eye out for his coverage!
    Reggie is up. NOA will on display at 6 cities, check the site for details.
    Breath of the Wild getting a special event tomorrow
    Release Date is...

    is that voice acting in a LOZ game?
    It's intense
    Screenshot_46.png Screenshot_47.png Screenshot_48.png Screenshot_49.png
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    I forgot

    Switch "Features" listed on their main page. 32GB of internal storage with SDXC support, and a 6.2" 720p screen.

    Just adding in case you can't see, cuz the site is getting swamped :P

    No tech specs though, which is sad.
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