Nintendo DS Phat Shell Change Gone Bad

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    Jan 24, 2008
    I followed this guide
    and this video for reference and this video

    But... I turn it on, and the touch screen flashes and then the power switch flashes white and then it turns off.

    I replaced the touch screen, and I accidently took off the white hard "sticker" kind of thing underneath, which made the connect ribbon very floppy.

    At about 2:48 in the video, he releases the two small connectors. And the "lock mechanism" is really sloppy and wobbly... it won't firmly connect.

    So slippery wobbly stuff all this...

    I know I'll just have to trail and error this, but some advice and encouragement would be nice.

    Also, the buttons are now really "sunken into" the ds... very low profile, which frankly sucks. Gonna have to something about that.

    I am very grateful for any reply.