New 3DS XL Demo Unit

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    Nov 25, 2016
    Recently acquired a New 3DS XL which turned out to be a demo/display/kiosk unit. Everything works on it, already installed arm9loaderhax.

    My only issues with the unit are: The home button AND mainly that it doesn't run on battery power (requires constant AC connection to function even with a new battery)

    The home button doesn't work even with a replacement connector from another 3DS XL (minor annoyance really). But mainly I would love to get this unit running under it's own battery power to make it portable again.

    In comparing a regular 3DS XL motherboard to my demo unit I've noticed (perhaps I am hung up on the idea of a simple fix) that there a completely different component near the AC connector. Actually it looks like a small black box with no identifying features that I can see on my unit versus an obvious inductor type component on a regular unit. On the iFixit teardown you can see the inductor is labelled 03 right near the AC connector (

    Anyways, I am wondering/hoping that I could swap these components and someone enable the battery on my unit. Am I out to lunch or possibly on to something?