New 3ds hardmod : Failling when detecting the card on computer

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    I'm struggling since a couple of hours and can't find the reason of my problem.

    First some pictures :

    It's a NEW 3DS XL
    • DAT0 : orange thick wire / red thin wire
    • GND : blue thick wire / black thin wire
    • CLK : white thick wire / white thin wire
    • CMD : yellow thick wire / green thin wire
    I based my soldering on : And, except for the CLK, i used the alt one as you can see on my pictures.

    I did all the soldering fine, and double checked it 5 times already, everything is OK on this part.

    Now i turn on the 3ds with the card reader on it, i have a blue screen which is normal, then i put the card reader into my computer, it detect 2 disk, one is "faded" while the other is not (like a normal disk).

    But when i click on the disk it just says "no media" and of course WIN32DISKIMAGER doesn't find it (in admin mode)

    I use the most known working card reader (the ANKER, i tried with different ones with the exact same result.

    Of course if i turn on the console without putting the SDcard in the SDreader, i will access the home menu like nothing happened.

    Any idea ?Thanks for your help
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    Throw the anker in the trash, as it is trash...